NEWS ALERT: Charlotte Radiology supports the American College of Radiology in their oposition to the U.S. Preventative Services Task Force's draft recommendations on screening mammography. We recommend annual mammography starting at age 40. For more info on why we oppose the USPSTF, see the article - "Bottom Line: Mammograms save Lives."

SouthPark Breast Center

Located at 4525 Cameron Valley Parkway, Suite 1000-A, in the CMC-Morrocroft Medical Building off of Fairview Road and across from Phillips Place in the SouthPark area of Charlotte.

Contact Information

  • Phone:  704-365-0343
  • Fax:  704-364-5063
  • Appts:  704-367-2232
  • Toll Free:  877-362-2232

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Address: 4525 Cameron Valley Parkway, Suite 1000-A, Charlotte, NC 28211