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Only the best for your breasts! We're excited to make 3D mammography the new standard of care. All our locations, including those served by our Mobile Breast Center, offer 3D mammography.  You no longer have to worry about the additional radiation — new technology has made 3D mammography available at a lower radiation dose.  Additionally, 3D is allowing for better breast cancer detection with greater accuracy and improved image quality.  That means … we're calling fewer women back (ultimately reducing anxiety and costs) and finding the cancers that need to be found.  And most insurance plans cover the exam at 100% (but we always encourage you to contact your provider with any coverage questions).

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All our locations, including those served by our Mobile Breast Center, offer 3D mammography, the latest technology in breast cancer detection. 3D is now covered by most insurance; we encourage you to contact your insurance provider with any coverage questions.

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