Quality Imaging

When the region's physicians need a clearer picture of their patients' medical situation to assist with a diagnosis, they need look no further than Charlotte Radiology. From our sub-specialized radiologists to our certified technologists, our commitment to patient care and accuracy is not just an expectation, but rather the vision embraced by each employee and physician.

Measuring Quality
Quality can be defined in many ways. For a radiology practice, it's ensuring that our patients receive an accurate diagnosis in a safe environment from a team of experts committed to their patients' care. To measure that quality, we have chosen metrics that best portray value for you - our patients and referring physicians:

  • Satisfaction Scores
  • Staff Accreditations
  • Cutting-Edge Technology
  • Reliable Processes that Ensure Quality
  • Accurate Diagnoses

National organizations such as American College of Radiology (ACR) and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) have begun supporting specific quality indicators and safe practices in the area of radiology. We are one of the first groups to utilize these national resources and measurement tools to help us benchmark our outcomes.

You can be an informed patient! Learn more about how to identify a quality radiology practice at the American College of Radiology Web Site:  www.acr.org

We measure both patient and referring physician satisfaction. Our referring physician community was recently surveyed by Carolinas Healthcare System and asked to rate our physicians' technical ability and skills. The combined scores from the responding physicians rank Charlotte Radiology in the highest category as "very satisfied."

We also survey our patients who visit our outpatient facilities. This assessment takes into account factors including your communications with the care team, their responsiveness to your needs and questions, and other factors you observe. Your input ultimately helps us improve our services!

Research consistently shows that patients ask friends and family members who they recommend for a physician. We are pleased to share that more than 95% of our outpatient patients surveyed would recommend us!

See what else our patients are saying about us:

  • "I loved the ease of the imaging center and will definitely go there again."
  • "It was a treat. Quick and friendly with a great atmosphere."
  • "The entire experience was excellent from start to finish.....I am 61, have moved 12 times as an adult and have had many mammograms in various cities around the country. This facility and its staff are by far the most friendly, convenient, professional and comfortable I have ever experienced. Not many things you can improve upon when you gave the best service."
  • "I was told I need to be scanned right away and all the staff at Charlotte Radiology were so kind to do that for me. I was very appreciative of their help and kindness."
  • "I was well satisfied with all my contact at Carolina Imaging Services."
  • "This was my very first screening and boy was I impressed! In and out in 30 minutes! Everyone was very nice and helpful!"
  • "Great job and lovely facility with lots of friendly faces!"
  • "They made it easy and painless--was in and out in 15 minutes!!"

We would love to hear from you about your experience! Please click on the appropriate link below to share your feedback with us:

» Charlotte Radiology Breast Centers
» Carolinas Imaging Services

Staff Accreditations
Charlotte Radiology is committed to employing only the best radiologists and technologists for our centers. The technologist is the person who conducts the MRI, CT, Mammogram, etc. The radiologist is the physician who reads the study. To ensure the most accurate image and results, it is imperative that the technologist takes the best picture possible and that the radiologist be highly trained to read that picture.

All of Charlotte Radiology's technologists have undergone a minimum of two years of additional schooling and are certified in their fields of imaging.

Collectively our physicians have years of training. Most radiologists train for a minimum of 13 years to prepare for their careers in imaging. Charlotte Radiology's physicians have taken that training one step further. 100% of our board certified/eligible physicians are sub-specialty trained and many of them have become experts in their specific areas of imaging by completing fellowship training programs. This ensures you are receiving a high-quality study and more accurate diagnosis. These focused areas include:

» Body Imaging (heart, lungs, digestive system)
» Diagnostic Radiology
» Emergency Imaging
» Interventional Radiology (vascular imaging and procedures)
» Mammography
» Neuroradiology
» Nuclear Medicine
» Orthopedic Imaging
» Pediatric Imaging

Facility & Equipment Accreditations
Selecting the best physicians and team members is only one part of our commitment to quality. We have invested in the latest technology and are committed to bringing future technology to the area to ensure our patients and referring physicians receive both quality imaging and better outcomes.

Like our people, our equipment and technology also go through lengthy accreditation programs to ensure quality. Accreditation processes usually involve onsite evaluation by external agencies based on a set of performance standards. Each of our centers also conducts rigorous testing of their equipment and adheres to national accreditation programs, including:

  • American College of Radiology Accreditations
  • Hospital Sites - Charlotte Radiology is contracted to read for Carolinas Healthcare System (CHS); many of the CHS hospital radiology programs are ACR Accredited
  • Breast Centers - All of Charlotte Radiology's Breast Centers are ACR Accredited
  • Carolina Imaging Services Sites - Charlotte Radiology jointly owns and operates 4 outpatient imaging centers, that are also ACR Accredited
  • Mammography Quality Standards Act of 1992 (MQSA) is a an FDA program that ensures that mammography patients receive safe and reliable breast imaging at it's earliest and most treatable stages. All 12 of the Charlotte Radiology Breast Centers are MQSA and FDA certified

Breast Imaging Center of Excellence
Charlotte Radiology is proud to announce recognition by the American College of Radiology (ACR) as a Breast Imaging Center of Excellence. The Breast Imaging Center of Excellence title is awarded to centers that achieve quality standards for their equipment and voluntarily seek and earn accreditation in all of the ACR's programs. These programs include breast ultrasound, ultrasound-guided biopsy and stereotactic biopsy.

Each of our Charlotte Radiology diagnostic mammography centers have voluntarily gone through a rigorous review process to assure we meet nationally accepted standards. You can be confident our staff is well qualified, through both education and certification, to perform and interpret your medical images. And, you know that our equipment is appropriate for the test or treatment you will be receiving and our centers meet and exceed quality assurance and safety guidelines.

"Accreditation assesses the overall quality of a practice, including personnel, equipment, quality assurance activities, and ultimately the quality of patient care," said Arl Van Moore, Jr., M.D., FACR chair of the ACR Board of Chancellors and President of Charlotte Radiology. "Accreditation is a clear indication to patients and referring physicians that this facility is committed to providing the highest quality care."

To find out more about the ACR accreditation seal please visit http://www.acr.org

Quality Ensured Processes
Healthcare organizations develop reliable processes and evidence-based treatment plans to ensure that their patients have consistent care leading to optimal outcomes. Charlotte Radiology is no exception. We believe that quality is everyone's responsibility. Only after careful measurement can we make valuable improvement.

Healthcare organizations develop processes and treatment plans to ensure that their patients have consistent care leading to positive outcomes. Charlotte Radiology is no exception. We believe that quality is everyone's responsibility. Only after careful measurement can we determine the means of improvement. We currently have the following processes in place:

  • Stroke Response Time
  • Critical Test Results
  • Breast Centers

Accuracy in Diagnosis
While education and training are critical, ongoing reviews of our clinical outcomes ensure that our work is accurate. Charlotte Radiology's physicians participate in programs endorsed by national organizations such as the American College of Radiology and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS). These programs have developed indicators that are currently suggested and remain voluntary. However, Charlotte Radiology has embraced and actively manages these as well as other measures of care to demonstrate our commitment to quality. These programs include:

  • GRID - General Radiology Improvement Database - Charlotte Radiology is one of only 20 radiology groups in the country and the only group in North Carolina to volunteer to participate in this ACR pilot project of measuring and analyzing imaging outcomes. This will allow performance of benchmarks for imaging to be established throughout the country.
  • ACR RadPeer Program - RadPeer is a program which allows for peer review of radiologists' interpretations to ensure that physicians are providing accurate diagnoses. Two radiologists read the same image and the interpretations are compared. The results are sent to the ACR for benchmarking purposes. Charlotte Radiology has actively endorsed this double-reading program for over 2 years.

Award-winning Radiology
Charlotte Radiology is pleased to be honored by local and national organizations for their work and community efforts. This recognition is additional evidence of our commitment to cutting-edge, high-quality radiology care.

Our Quality Promise
Our commitment to quality is built on these promises we make to you, our patients. They set the standard of care for Charlotte Radiology and bring unique value to you on the basis of quality excellence and customer service:

  • Prompt Service - We strive to provide our patients with exceptional service each and every day. Our goals for all of our patients include:
    - That our patients will be seen within 15 minutes upon arrival at our outpatient imaging facilities.
    - Callers scheduling an appointment will not wait more than 60 seconds before talking with a scheduler.
    - Diagnostic Breast Center Patients will not wait more than 5 days for an appointment.
    - Screening Breast Center Patients will not wait longer than 7 days for an appointment.
  • Patient Oriented Facilities - Warm and inviting facilities allows our patients to be less apprehensive and puts them at ease. This opens the door for communication and more relaxed interactions with our patient care team.
  • Investments in Technology - Our radiologists are supported with the most advanced information systems and have access to cutting-edge technology. This means faster patient service, fewer needs to repeat exams, and physician to physician communication is more collaborative and consultative.
  • Critical test results - Results are conveyed rapidly which minimizes the risk of being inadvertently overlooked.
  • Reliable & Accurate Report Turnaround - General Imaging reports should be accurately interpreted and precisely documented and delivered to the referring physician in a timely manner for optimal patient management. Reliable means of report delivery and confirmatory mechanisms are essential especially in the case of urgent or unexpected findings.
      Breast Center patients (whose films are housed at our medical records office) will receive their screening mammogram results in the mail within days of the exam being read by a mammographer. Diagnostic Mammography patients will speak with a radiologist about their findings at their visit (with the exception of biopsy patients).
  • Radiation Exposure Minimization - This ensures the lowest possible dose of radiation is used.