Member of Strategic Radiology

Achieving world-class quality through clinical and operational collaboration on a national scale. Strategic Radiology--forward thinking, quality focused and value driven.

About Strategic Radiology

Charlotte Radiology is proud to be one of the founding members of Strategic Radiology, which is now comprised of more than 1,000 radiologists from across the country. As a member, we collaborate on best practice approaches to imaging and patient care, as well as share data for benchmarking purposes and consolidate certain practice expenses. Our ultimate goal as a Strategic Radiology partner is to provide higher quality care and more cost-efficient delivery of medical imaging.

Strategic Radiology LLC was recently established when sixteen like-minded, progressive radiology groups realized they shared many of the same visions, values, and goals. This core team saw the opportunity in developing a formalized collaborative model where sharing talent, information, and processes would benefit individual groups and thereby improve service and quality to the patients and medical institutions they serve.
A key strategic initiative is the internal sharing of medical imaging studies and related healthcare information to improve patient care. Peer-to-peer review of medical imaging studies enables radiologists to maximize clinical expertise. SR also intends to further expand patient access to radiology subspecialization within member groups via a common platform and establish measurable standards for clinical quality.
SR is physician-led and brings together over 1,000 expert radiologists creating a true national footprint, with partner groups currently providing services in states coast-to-coast. Each group is regional leader and has a uniform desire for excellence in clinical practice. Through collaboration and scale, SR endeavors to improve patient quality of care and service while simultaneously improving economic efficiency of the individual practices. Through collaboration and scale, SR endeavors to improve patient outcomes and clinical quality while controlling costs and utilization.
Strategic Radiology Subspecialty Telerad Partners is a teleradiology solution that provides seamless overnight and extended subspecialty reads for member groups. Accountable to more than 1,000 radiologists, their telerad team is held to delivering the highest standards of imaging and clinical quality, standards that Charlotte Radiology's customers have come to expect. SR Subspecialty Telerad Partners' physicians, IT professionals, operations managers, and image facilitators are highly engaged with their radiology group partners. There is no "us" and "them," only "we." For hospital affiliates this minimizes the potential anxiety over the teleradiology service provider transition, and for Charlotte Radiology's physicians the choice to use Strategic Radiology ensures their professional standards are maintained while the coverage is transparent.