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An image of a mammogram scan, used to explain breast ultrasound and 3D mammograms and their importance

The Important Roles of 3D Mammography and Screening Breast Ultrasound in Early Detection

May 9, 2024

If you are a woman aged 40 and older, you probably know that annual breast cancer screening is an essential part of taking care of […]

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Woman sitting at table and on a laptop, used to explain the new CISNET study on mammograms

New CISNET Study Confirms: Starting Annual Screening Mammograms at 40 Saves More Lives

March 18, 2024

A new study from the Cancer Intervention and Surveillance Modeling Network (CISNET) reinforces the benefits of annual screening mammograms starting at age 40. The CISNET […]

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Young woman looking out an open window, used to explain breast cancer awareness

Breast Cancer in Young Women: Risk Factors and Early Detection

November 8, 2023

When you are in your 40s, you might think you’re too young to get breast cancer, especially if you don’t have a family history of […]

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A technologist performing a mammogram on a woman with blond hair

Breast Cancer Stages and the Importance of Early Detection

October 20, 2023

One in eight women will develop breast cancer in her lifetime. Given the prevalence of breast cancer, it is important for women to understand the […]

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Two women sitting together on a couch with one woman's arm around the other's shoulders, used to explain BRCA gene testing

Understanding BRCA Gene Testing for Breast and Ovarian Cancer Risk

October 18, 2023

When it comes to cancer risk, genes can play a significant role. Women who carry BRCA1 or BRCA2 gene mutations have a significantly higher risk […]

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Photograph of the Project PINK bus

Mobile Mammography: Bringing the Power of Early Detection to You

September 19, 2023

Sometimes, prioritizing breast health is easier said than done. Finding your reason for getting annual screening mammograms may seem simpler than finding time for the […]

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A woman in a grey blouse performing a breast self exam, used to explain changes in breast health

Changes in Breast Health: What You Need to Know

August 7, 2023

Your breasts change year over year and throughout your life. Even after you go through puberty, your breasts may grow or shrink in size if […]

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A photograph of two women holding each other close and smiling while looking off-camera, used to explain how family history of breast cancer impacts risk

Breast Cancer Risk and Family History — Learn the Facts

June 21, 2023

It is estimated that one in eight women will receive a diagnosis of breast cancer during her lifetime. While family history can be a risk […]

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Photograph of a man in a blue shirt smiling at the camera while sitting in front of a laptop, used to describe breast cancer in men

Breast Cancer in Men: What You Need to Know

June 14, 2023

There’s a common myth that breast cancer is strictly a women’s health issue. While it’s true that women develop breast cancer at a much higher […]

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Physicians looking and pointing to medical scans, used to explain the new USPSTF draft guidelines

4 Things to Know About the USPSTF New Draft Guidance for Mammograms

June 1, 2023

On May 9, 2023, the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) released new screening mammogram draft guidance for women at average risk of developing breast […]

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Bev Rowell and her daughters photographed smiling at the camera

Find Your Reason: Mother and Daughter Put Their Breast Health First

May 10, 2023

Health, family, peace of mind, goals you want to accomplish, places you want to visit and experiences you want to have — these are just […]

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A medical professional pointing to a tablet and showing the tablet to an older woman, used to explain diagnostic mammogram

Diagnostic Mammogram: What to Expect When You Are Called Back

March 22, 2023

As she cruised down the carpool lane on her way to work, Tara felt thankful. At 42, she was proactive about her health. She enjoyed […]

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Image of a woman performing a breast self-exam

Your Step-by-Step Guide to a Breast Self-Exam

March 9, 2023

As a woman, you have unique health needs. One of the most important things you can do for your health is to be familiar with […]

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Stock photo of a female physician and a patient looking at a tablet, used to explain finding a mammogram imaging provider

Choosing Your Mammogram Imaging Provider

January 19, 2023

With a New Year comes new health goals, and taking care of your breast health is a resolution every woman can make. We know that […]

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Older woman smiling and looking at the camera, used to explain hormone changes in women

Hormone Changes in Women: How Do They Affect Breast Health?

December 20, 2022

Hormones play a big role in a woman’s health throughout her lifetime. Hormone levels in women normally fluctuate and change during certain periods of time, […]

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